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How can garlic be the essence of fast food?

Garlic is a controversial ingredient, you love it or you hate it.
It is used all over the world in many traditional dishes to improve the flavors. Because of its smell it is considered a taboo globally. By changing the physical connotations was pretended to change its reputation.
Hamburgers are the most known fast food all over the world. The aesthetics of them make them being an object of desire.
 The MOOT Burger is a 100% meat-free burger, made only from garlic. As it is a controversial product, and the smell it causes is a big problem for garlic eaters, it also has been created a drink made by Lemon juice, Apple Juice, Parsley, Sugar and Mint that avoids the bad smell on the mouth.

Master Project tutorized by Katja Guijters
Research: Paola Ragno
Chef: Isabella Pogrebinski
Food Styling, Concept: Raquel García

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Copyright © by Raquel Garcia. All rights reserved