Future Food Scenarios Workshop. Designed to inspire, imagine, create and conceptualize the future of "food". Ask ourselves questions about production, distribution and consumption.

Workshop created together with Elsa Yranzo, food designer.
During the workshop we will work on different current social and environmental scenarios in order to find new mechanisms, systems, methodologies and solutions for these scenarios. For us, one of the most important and significant parts of the workshop is the invaluable compilation of all the results, conclusions and designs of each workshop, so we are going to document all the sessions. The workshop lasts 4 hours, the schedule is different depending on the day you choose to do it. We do it in Casamitjana studio, a fantastic space located in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona. The workshop is designed for designers, photographers, architects, publicists, cooks ... and anyone who wants to create, work as a team and imagine these futures that are viable. All the necessary materials to carry out the workshop are included. The workshop is designed for a maximum of 8 people, and I have thought that we will leave at least 5 people to carry out each workshop.

Text: Elsa Yranzo
Workshop Designers: Elsa Yranzo and Raquel García
Photography: Elsa Yranzo
Graphics: Raquel García

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The Art and Design Food Academy

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