Gastronomy, design, haste, city, society, culture, and “fastfood”.

The changes in the habits of the population, caused by a very accelerated and stressful  life, have caused that many people  are frequently forced to eat fast food. (E. Schlosser, 2001) 

Through sociological analysis, this magazine conducts a study based on the number of people who consume “fast-food”, the effects it has on people’s health and the theories about the future of this pseudo-gastronomy. It aims to denounce the changes in eating habits in recent years due to the appearance of “fast-food”, the McDonalization concept, and the consequences that this overfeeding will have in the future. (A.L Aduriz and D.Innerarity, 2012). 

With a critical tone, it wants to question the famous globalized American gastronomic culture, the little time people spend eating and the disinterest of some of them for leading a healthy life, offering new speculations for the future.

Final Degree Project- BAU University
Project curator: Raquel García
Photography: Pepe Pelegrín
Models: Fore Darboe, Andrea Pelegrín, Adolfo García
Printing Point: 9.disseny

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Copyright © by Raquel Garcia. All rights reserved

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