Offering: Offering (action of offering) when it is addressed to a noble cause, to God, to a divinity, to a saint, etc.

Art Direction support and photography for Elsa Yranzo's altar to worship the goddess ATENEA during the Fira de l'Oli de les Borges Blanques 2021. The goddess Athena is one of the most beautiful and important goddesses in Greek mythology, first-born of the god Zeus, considered to be the warrior goddess, but also the goddess of peace, justice, intelligence, reflection and wisdom, protector of the arts and literature. Patroness of olive trees. The Altar was created with bread, called by her PANforas, edible oil handmade candles with the oils of the different participants and a variety of foodstuffs from all the towns that participated in the Fira de l'Oli'21.

Developed for: Fira de l'Oli'21
Project curated by Elsa Yranzo
Art Direction: Elsa Yranzo
Art Direction Support: Raquel García
Photography: Raquel García
Video: Fira de l'Oli 21.

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Copyright © by Raquel Garcia. All rights reserved

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